Tuesday, August 25, 2009

THIS is a love poem

I don’t want love

If I have to wait for it in a slumber
Unconscious, as time moves on
Never becoming a whole me
Only awake to his presence
A slave to his kiss.

I don’t want love
If it is just a ticket out of poverty
And I have to be happy to let a man
Dress me up in pretty shoes
And move me into his big house
Even if he is a charming prince.

I don’t want love
If I have to find it while I’m lost
And in distress
It would be better to learn to slay
My own dragons
Lest I’m accused one day
Of bringin’ drama.
Even a knight would get
Sick of saving my ass.

I want love with a friend
A partner, an equal
A buddy to share the ride
And the cost of gas
As we travel the highways
And winding roads
The beaten paths
And the hidden trails.

I want love that is free
A sweet surprise that costs nothing
Something that feels good
Too good to be true
So good it has to be bad
So good that I don’t care if it’s bad

Love without limits
Love without hangups
Love without regret
Love without caring if
It lasts forever

I want love that
Lets me be
Love that doesn’t require
That I wear a ring or change
My name

Love that doesn’t give a damn
Where I learned to do that freaky thing
I do
As long as I never stop doing it.

I want love that forgives
Because even I fuck up
Once in a while.

I want love that stretches and bends
Because everybody needs room
To grow.

I want love
That comes down and stays a while.
I want love that I can feel
When I’m far away.

I want love
I don’t want it half way, half assed
Or half the time.

I want love that sneaks in
In the middle of the night
And swallows me whole
Taking no prisoners.

I want love that demands surrender
Without a single threat or command.

I want love without judgment.
I want love that tells a joke once in a while.
I want love that holds on tight
Especially when I’m trying to get away.

I want love. And I won’t settle
For midnight booty calls.
I want love. And I won’t
Play games or
Jump through hoops or
Sell my soul
To get it.

I want to find love unexpectedly
Want to trip over it
And fall into it
And drown.

I want love that gives me no choice.
No choice but to


  1. FANTASTIC! This is the ultimate love poem for the modern woman who knows who she is, knows what she wants and doesn't give a damn about who knows it. Throw is a couple of references to death and suicide and Dorothy Parker herself would love this poem. You're so talented!

  2. Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from love poem.