Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hagar's Blues

I am the outcast.

You have seen me before
But you don’t recognize me
Or you pretend not to

I’m your shame
Your failure, alive
Walking and talking
As if I’m just as good as you.

Cover your ears, or
You might hear the truth
Cover your eyes or
You might see yourself
I am the outcast

I don’t know your language
I don’t know your god
Yet he blesses me just as
He blesses you.

Praise the Lord
Praise from the lips
Of an outcast
Worthy to be the mother
of a nation.

El Roi sees me
And sees you
Sees you cast me out
Of your family
But you can’t cast me out
Of your mind
Out of God’s sight
Out of the world

I am the outcast
You can’t face me now
But you will
You must
For we are a family
God’s family.


  1. Wow! It's dark; it's emotional; but it's numbing too, and so relatable. Very good. Why don't you have a poetry book deal yet??

  2. I don't know. Publishers don't feel me, I guess. Thanks, Miranda, for stopping by.